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We are a locally Owned & Operated Mobile Windshield Chip Repair Service. Being 100% Mobile allows us to offer Same Day Service along with an affordable repair. We have been providing reliable quality service to Hamilton & Boone Counties since 2009. Our professional windshield repair technicians have more than 25 yrs. of experience repairing rock chips & cracks and are backed up by our Crack Free Guarantee

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Windshield Repair

Why Repair Your Windshield ?

It is important that you don't ignore a chip. Studies show that within three years, 90 percent of chips will spread into a larger crack at any time, often when the driver is least expecting it - causing a dangerous distraction for the driver.

The windshield plays an important role in vehicle safety. The windshield ensures that the airbags deploy properly and helps maintain a vehicle's structural integrity in the event of a rollover.

Damaged glass is approximately 60 to 70 percent weaker than undamaged glass. This is a risk that can be easily avoided by repairing the chip. To have a successful repair, a chip should not exceed the diameter of a quarter or less

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The Process

Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and fills it with a curable , optically matched resin. The process bonds the glass together and restores strength and structural integrity of your windshield. Whereas the purpose of the repair is to prevent the break from spreading further, often or process will improve the breaks appearance dramatically.

If your chip is repairable, you will save hundreds of dollars avoiding a complete replacement. You get to keep your windshield and beat of all your factory seal...avoiding possible leaks. Chip repair is a smart option and a fraction of the cost of a new windshield.

A Smart Option

We Can Repair Your Windshield

Auto glass shops usually install front and back glasses, windshields and car door glasses. They would much rather replace a windshield than repair it and you can guess why windshield chip repair is not a profitable priority to replacement shops.

When you need a rock chip in your windshield fixed, it is wise to choose a local windshield repair company that is specifically trained in chip and small crack repair only, such as GlassBond.

If you are unsure, We can help determine if your windshield can be fixed or not. If it is repairable, comprehensive coverage usually will waive your deductible and pay the auto insurance claim. This is called a no-fault, no-cost claim and usually does not affect your coverage in a negative way.

We Come to You

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Don't let a chip in your windshield interrupt your busy schedule. Our totally mobile service comes to you at your convenience and will get you back on the road in about 20 minutes.


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Why Choose GlassBond

  • Fast Mobile Response Time
  • Locally Owned & Operated since 2009
  • Use the Highest Quality Resins & Materials
  • We stand behind our work 100% and strive every day to exceed all expectations so each customer is fully satisfied
  • Free Mobile Service to Hamilton & Boone Counties

Crack Free Guarantee

We carry a Lifetime Repair Guarantee on all chip repairs. We guarantee your completed windshield repair will not crack or spread further for as long as you own the vehicle or we will refund the original price paid for the repair. We are proud of our 99.9% success rate on repaired chips in the last 13 years. In some very rare cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, and GlassBond is not responsible for such damage.

Usually windshield repair improves the chips appearance dramatically, but results may vary due to age, size and location of the chip. Also a windshield with aftermarket window tint can increase the visibility of the repaired chip. GlassBond is not responsible for the purchase of a new windshield. No part of this guarantee can be transferred to any party other than the original customer.

Windshield Repair FAQ's

Everyone knows how easy it is to have a rock fly up and put a chip in your windshield. With GlassBond windshield rock chip repair we are able to fix the chip before it turns into a crack. This is good because it eliminates the need for a complete windshield replacement. This can be done for a fraction of the cost of a full glass replacement and in some cases could be free. (ask for details)

Can The Rock Chip On My Windshield Be Repaired?

There are several forms of rock chips that you can get on your windshield. No matter how large or small the windshield chip is, they all have a very good chance of turning into a crack. Especially in hot and cold temperatures. GlassBond can repair the chip in your windshield as long as:

*The rock chip is the size of a quarter or smaller.

*The rock chip is not at the edge of your windshield. Primarily at the bottom.

*The rock chip has not been repaired before. Whether by a professional or home kit, you can't re-repair a chip.

What Should I Expect When My Windshield is Repaired?

The chip is inspected to determine if drilling needs to be performed.

Air is vacuumed out of the chip/crack.

Resin is added under pressure & cycled with vacuum until the desired area is completely filled.

UV light or sunlight is applied to instantly harden the resin into place.

The hardened resin is scraped off flush so it is smooth and no disturbance to the wipers.

Will I Still Be Able To See The Chip After It Is Repaired?

You may still see a small spot or distortion in the windshield where the rock chip was repaired. Every chip repair turns out different and there is really no way to know how it will turn out until the process is complete. Some repairs turn out great where you can barely see them. However, some chips don’t always clear up as much. No windshield chip will ever disappear completely regardless of who is doing it or how it is done.

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Safe, Reliable Repairs

~Our Quality Promise~

With 20+ years of experience repairing chips in all types of vehicles, GlassBond provides professional & expert service. We only use state of the art equipment & resins on the market today to assure lasting quality to each and every windshield we repair. If you are not completely satisfied, we will make it right. Providing a reliable repair is our priority.

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